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tv   The Early Show  CBS  January 30, 2010 8:00am-10:00am EST

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brutal storm after knocking out power to thousands in oklahoma urks a monster storm packing snow, rain and ice is moving east. we're tracking the dangerous weather system live if you this morning. collision course. toyota says it's sending new gas pedals to its factories, but is this enough to put the brakes on that massive recall or is the damage done? toxic relationships. relationships so bad they are destroying you. is it ever worth to stay? and under what sercircumstances should you go? our doctors has the answers.
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do you really, really love your spouse? in japan they're shouting it out loud. just one of the stories flying under the radar early this saturday morning january 30th, under the radar early this saturday morning january 30th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs beautiful sunrise there coming up. welcome to "the early show." >> this just in. don't know that ball of fire is working. at least not here in the east coast. it's about 6 out right now. hi, everybody. our top story this morning, the huge and dangerous winter storm, up to a fooft snow is expected in some spots. >> where there isn't snow, there is accumulation of heavy ice. and that means treacherous travel and of course bringing down you power lines when folks need that electricity the most for heat. three states have declared a state of monlg. joel brown is in richmond, sla
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have virginia for the latest. >> reporter: major highways like i-95 covered in snow right now. and this storm is just getting started here in the east. a winter storm that battered the southern plains is heading east. storm warnings are out in 14 states as the system packed with snow, sleet and freezing rain could bury much of the southeast. residents are preparing for the worst. >> i feel like we need to start getting ready here a little bit before the ice come tonight. >> reporter: flights are canceled from north carolina to oklahoma. stranding passengers who managed to get to the airport. >> just got unlucky. gambled and lost. >> reporter: the storm buried most of oklahoma in snow and ice. >> trees everywhere. they got the main roads blocked off. >> reporter: in oklahoma city, ice-slicked roads have caused hundreds of accidents. at least 179,000 homes have no electricity. in some towns the you utility
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poles have snapped in half. the same wild weather dumped 13 inches of snow in amarillo, texas. and forced the lubbock news station to do their broadcast outside when their transmission tower was hit by heavy winds and ice. conditions that arkansas, tennessee and north carolina who are expected to be the hardest hit are bracing for this morning. road crews are working 12 hour shifts here in virginia, 12 inches of snow may fall before this is all over here, but we may get off easy compared to the folks to the south of us. >> you wow, all right. joel brown for us live. thanks. toyota's troubles continue to spiral. between two recall, one for the floor mat that can trap the gas pedal, and another for a gas pedal that sticks to the floor. more than 9 million car have been affected and toyota's chairman says's sorry, but is it too little too late. dean ron nolds has this report. >> reporter: in a rare comment to reporters, the chairman
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apologized for the company's troubles and said, quote, please don't worry about our cars. but after a week devastatingly bad news tied to a faulty gas pedal, it ththat maybe easier s than done. at an auto body shop, customers are asking about toyota. his impartial advice, avoid for now. indeed the bad news is piling up for the japanese automaker. 9 million vehicles recalled so far worldwide. consumer reports no longer recommending its cars. rental car companies no longer renting them and used car dealers moving them off their lots. toyota reportedly has a new pedal ready to ship, but it's stop and go public relations have left a lot of consumers like corolla owner mark shapiro confused if not angry. >> i will wait and see how they deal with me and the public on this issue before i ever buy another toyota. >> reporter: no wonder one
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survey says toyota's u.s. market share this month is likely to drop to its lowest level in almost four years. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> toyota's image is taking a beating, so how do they get back on track? joining me now is the a author of crash course. good morning. so this is bad. we know that. do they make a comeback from this? >> they probably will. they are the leading of hybrid technology, but this will hurt them for a while. it will that ta them a while to regain consumer confidence. >> let's talk about trying to control the damage by shipping the new gas pedals to factories. will that help things in the short term? >> not for a few weeks at least. basically they'll have to get this approved by the federal regulator and in to dealerships and in had to the factories. so this will all take a period of weeks to get resolved at least in the physical sense. the reputational sense could
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linker. >> talking with dealerships, they're one determining why are the pegdals going to the factories. >> i've heard conflicting reports on that whether it's going to the factories first or the dealers. it's not clear. one of the issues is their public relations effort has been spotty. >> well, let's talk about that public relations effort. what kind of blitz do they now need to reassure the public that we are the number one carmaker out there, we're going to get back to that status and your safety paramount? >> they are taking out full page newspaper ads tomorrow. that's a good first step, but a little late. i think the other thing is they have to put a face on this problem. they have to get someone in authority out on television, out on the internet saying i personally guarantee this, we're standing by this, and put a human dimension on it. >> how does something leak this happen? how does it ththis worldwide le
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how does something like this happen? >> it's almost frankly too simple. what happened is they just tried to get too big too fast. and this problem is not sudden. the gas pedal problem is sudden, but for a pew years now, reports have been building of toyota's qualityissues. 2005, they actually recalled more cars in america than they sold. and they just expanded very quickly. they made it a goal to overtake general motors as the number one car company in the world and they've done it, but they're paying the price. >> quality, not quantity. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. erica, over to you. some good news on the economy coming this week. it grew at a vigorous 5.7% at the end of last year, but before you break out the bubbly, we should tell you this rebound was driven by businesses drawing down their inventory at a slower rate, not by consumer spending. and as many of you probably know firsthand, unemployment remains high. still at 10%. cbs news correspondent anthony mason has more. >> reporter: the battered private sector showed signs of
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life as the u.s. economy racked up its best quarter in six years, while government spending flattened out, housing construction was up 5.7%. consumer spending just 2%. and business investment and technology surged more than 13%. >> that's the only way economic growth is going to be sustained if the private sector takes over and i think that was the really good news in this report. >> reporter: some of that good news has reached metal working solutions in chattanooga, tennessee. >> we're having a record month this month. >> reporter: the owner says his business which makes everything from floor panels for cars to doors for prisons is a good barometer of the economy. >> i now say that by april, you'll be saying on television things are getting better. >> reporter: but more than half of the economy's surmg in the fourth quarter was at rib butted to businesses restocking inventories they've cut to the bone in the recession. >> i don't think it can be sustained at that rapid pace. >> reporter: and even with its best performance in years, the
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u.s. economy still is not producing jobs. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> so the improved economic picture is raising two key questions. is the nation actually coming out of the recession and does that mean more people will be able to find work? for perspective, we turn to mark zandi from westchester, pennsylvania. mark, good to have you with us. when we take a look at those figures that an honest any just brought us, the gdp racked up its best quarter in six years. how much of that can be tied to the stimulus package? >> a fair amount. 6% growth, 2% of that is stimulus. it helped to support housing and consumer spending. so the stimulus is a key part of this turn from recession to now a recovery. >> so are we then in had recovery, have we turned away and the recession is over at this point? >> yeah, the great recession is over. of course it's in a very technical sense it's probably in a sense only an economist can really appreciate.
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not until we start to see jobs that i think people will believe that the recession is over. >> and when you talk to the average american, the recession condition feel like it's over and one of the issues is jobs. when are we into to go see a recovery in terms of unemployment or employment, rather? >> well, i'm hopeful thatto go recovery in terms of unemployment or employment, rather? >> well, i'm hopeful that by the spring we'll start to see job growth. when the gdp rises, then a quarter or two down the road, businesses start on add to their payroll so they start to hire. so that means come april, may, june, i'd expect some job growth. >> which is not too far out. there are some factors that could threaten this recovery. talk to us about some of hose because nobody wants to go backwards ear. >> we've got a few significant head winds. lack of credit, particularly for small business, this they need that credit to go out and to hire. the housing crisis continues on. we have lots of foreclosures. commercial real estate is a problem and state and local
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governments all across the country have big budget holes and if they don't get help from the federal government, they'll be cutting jobs and programs. so it's good new, but not good l. good enough. >> and there is you mentioned those risk factors p about there is a chance of a double >> and there is you mentioned those risk factors p about there is a chance of a double dip.eno. >> and there is you mentioned those risk factors p about there is a chance of a double dip. how much of a chance is there that we could slide back wards? >> there is the risk. i'd say about one in four probability. probably the flash point would be sometime this summer. >> so we'll be looking forward to that. a lot of talk this past week about this jobs package that the president wants. you said we're going start to see a little bit of a recovery. do we need this jobs package? >> absolutely. one in four probability is too high a probability particularly when we already have a 10% unemployment rate. we cannot back slide, so we have to make sure we don't and the jobs bill is key to that. >> so good signs but not out of
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the woods. thank you. ant to turn to randall pinkston at the news desk. in the news this morning, it was a faceoff of unprecedented historics in modern american politics, a president going toe to toe with members of the opposing party live on national television. for 90 minutes friday, president obama and house republicans shared a surprisingly blunt exchange at a gop conference in baltimore. chip reid reports. >> reporter: house republicans welcomed the president with a standing ovation. the question, though, went straight to the heart of that i fundamental disagreements. >> will you consider supporting across the board tax relief as president kennedy did? all right with you it was on health care reform when he finally revealed his exas per race with republican attacks. >> but if attorney listen if yo the debate and how you went after this bill, you'd think that this thing was some 's how
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it. you've been telling your constituents this guy's doing all kinds of crazy did you have that's going to destroy america. >> reporter: when the scheduled 45 minutes was up, the president said let's keep going. >> i'm having fun. >> reporter: but when the president thought the last question was unfair, he let him know it. >> will that new budget like your old budget triple the national get -- >> that's factually just not true. and you know it's not true. >> reporter: here at the white house, some believe this could be a game changer for the president as one official put it, this is the best thing he's done in a very long time. chip reid, cbs news, the white house. 37 minutes is all it took a kansas jury to convict scott roeder of the death of george tiller. he told jurors the lives of unborn children were in imminent danger. he face as man todayer to life
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sentence before a possible parole after take years. tirl was one of the few doctors in the u.s. offering late term abortions. a cinderella moment for hillary clinton in france. secretary clinton was chiming the stairs at the palace to greet nicolas sarkozy friday when she lost her footing and her shoe. mr. sarkozy offered hess hand to help steady her balance and she eventually recovered her footwear. no word yet on what impact the incident will have on france/measure relations. >> the fact that hillary lost her shoe is in our -- all right. that's a big news sorry. >> i like your shoes. don't throw them. >> let's talk weather because this is one of the big shoe stories out there.
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and it's the mid-atlantic states. portion respect of the southe t portions of the southeast, potential for a foot of snow, maybe a foot and a half because it is so cold, a light fluffy snow that just piles up. and away the north carolina/south carolina border, temperatures will make a big bump. and you still gelt the big precipitation, but it's going to be cold enough for to still be frozen, just not snow. i think it could be really hazardous driving in that area. about halfen inch inch of road. miami, temperatures up around 80 degrees and you're south of all the heavy precipitation. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend.
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wherever you are, make it a great day. and one week from today, had this show will be in miami, florida for cbs's big coverage of the super bowl. it's long ways off, but i think we should pack an umbrella possibly. >> no, i need some color, okay? >> i know you come. >> when i'm in between the two of you tanned men, i'm whiter than i really am. >> it's not an all-day rain, but a frnt thont that will move the. >> and sorry, too, about the hillary story, mr. managing editor. why don't give us the group light on the next two. >> they're fine. still ahead, lonly will be excited about this one, where to stash your cash. you're not going to get the best return by putting it in your shoe. >> and also toxic relationships. an expert will talk about when it's right to stay and when it is time to go. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ñóóó cycycyc1c9cycócococ/cc/
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if you are lucky enough to have a job, no doubt you're working very hard for your money. but is your money working hard for you some interest rates are at an all-time low. the average savings account now paying a poultry 0.24%. not even a quarter of a percent. so where should you stash your cash to get the most bang for your buck? here to tell us is a writer for money magazine. great to have you back, amanda. my husband and i were just talking about we had opened and online savings account because it had such a great return. it's at the same rate if not less than a regular bank. what happened?
8:20 am
>> it's pretty depressing. basically savings rates are tracking what's called the fed funds interest rate. that's the interest rate said by the federal reserve and the fed is really trying to stimulate this economy, to pump as much money into it as possible. so it's lowered its short term interest rate to pretty much nothing. savings rates have followed. >> and i'm guessing they're pot goi not going to go back up in the mere future. so you have good options.pot not going to go back up in the mere future. so you have good options.ot not going to go back up in the mere future. so you have good options. not going to go back up in the mere future. so you have good options. you say look at different banks. why are these better than the big national ones? >> you don't want to settle for whatever the bank down the street is paying. the regional banks, smaller banks, and the online banks are offering much higher rates on saving accounts than the bigger banks. sometimes anywhere from 1.25 all the way up to 2%. so you can search for them at sites like the one thing is you don't
8:21 am
necessarily want to go for the bank that's paying the highest yield because sometimes that can be a sign of weakness that the bank needs more capital. so actually has safety ratings, a five star system, and our role at money is to allege use an smugs that has at least three stars. >> i like that. and you also recommend credit unions which i think we all hear about, but what exactly is a credit union and how do you qualify for one? >> credit ups are paying much higher rates than the banks. they didn't get into as many problems with the subprime lending. but there's really a good chance that you will qualify for a credit union better than a few years ago. they're nonprofit organizations. ask around. family, friend, maybe through your employer, your union, your church, your alma mater. >> some of them may have a credit union that you could join. but when's the benefit to a credit union over a traditional bank? >> just because they're paying much higher rates today on your
8:22 am
savings accounts. and you can also find loans there that are much cheaper, as well. >> and they're not for profit, which is good. you also recommend a high interest reward checking account. what is that? >> these almost sound too good to be true. believe it or not, you can actually get as much as 4% return at some of these places. but the catch is at the havethet requirements. you probably have to sign occupy for a direct 2k3deposit, you ha to use your tdebit card. so it might not be worth the hassle. >> some great tips. always good to have you with us. up next, we're taking you under the radar. a dog, a huge block of ice and a research ship which just happened to be in the right place at the right time. stay with us, this is "the early show" on cbs.
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time now for the number one segment in all of morning television. >> really shall. >> yes. our weekly trip "under the radar." we start with what could be the world's biggest snowman. it's 23 feet tall and it was
8:25 am
built by a team in the lat vee an town and claim it's the biggest in the world, so we'll take their world for it. not sure if beggchlt uiness has category for snow men. and look at this poor little guy. he was floating 75 miles on this huge chunk of ice. luckily the crew from a research vessel was able to pull him from the ice, brought the little guy on to their boat. look at him. and now he's doing all right. we're told he was hundred i didn't ahad hungry and obviousl a little chilly. now folks are looking for his parents. >> always love a happy ending. and once a year dozens japanese guys get together to
8:26 am
yell love messages to their wives. listen. it's an unusual public display of affection in a culture that's typically reserved. a local man started the event after his open marriage had failed. he said he wanted to change the stair stereotype that japanese men were not roman tig. and all i can say is mission accomplished. >> yeah, because i got to tell you -- i know i'm not speaking for you will at ladies here, but i think a good majority of the women that i know find nothing more than romantic than someone screaming their love at me. >> well, it's kind of like what i do with our part per shep here. i go to the top of the mountd continue top, i scream, i love my job, i huff working with erica hill. >> and notice he still has a job, so clearly something's working. >> last week we had "really." do you know what we haven't done in a while around here? >> just perfect.
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you know what's going to be just perfect today sf your laundry. not just your marriage, we're it's monday,
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and a good morning to you. welcome to "the early show." this morning, relationships after infidelity, when you should stay, when you should go. and are some couples not giving their marriages a fighting chance? >> plus, on a lighter ghes it tick note for you, did you know that too much laundry detergent can make your clothes dirtier? maybe clean laundry is the secret to a happy marriage. >> possibly. or the way to make you get out there have. >> either way, we'll fix your laundry and your relationship just perfect. >> really? >> really. faster and less expensive including where you can get that elusive and fantastic three
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compartment hamper. i use one myself. >> if you did not wake this morning asking yourself that question, you're just not that punched in. we've got all that coming up, but right now let's get you caught up on this morning's headlines. good morning. in the news this morning, another auto recall coming on the heels of toyota. honda is recalling close to 650,000 fit hatch backs. the reason, power window controls that can overheat if they get wet. the recall affects 2007 and 2008 models or about 140,000 american honda vehicles. customers are told to keep their windows rolled up during rain or snow. a case of mistaken identity turned in to an airline terror scale. a jetliner flying from newark to columbia was diversed to jacksonville on from a. the problem, the name of one of the 75 passengers was on the government's watch list of suspected terrorists.
8:32 am
the man was later cleared by the fbi and permitted to continue to company lom bee a. a frail elderly man robbed a bank. he's suspected of robbing five other banks since august. officials say he gave a clerk a note demanding money, pulled a handgun and left with an undisclosed amount of cash. looking that the guy, it's just -- it's unbelievable. >> but -- >> that you would take him seriously. and i hear me his get a were on a scooter. okay. to weather with lonnie quinn.wea scooter. okay. to weather with lonnie quinn. we're talking a lot of snow out there, foot, maybe a foot and a half. all throughout the ten's valley. and also really cold. but take a look at wlap temperatures are doing in portions of new england. not getting out of the teens today. compare that for the northern plains where you're also not getting out of the teens, but in new england, you have this big
8:33 am
high pressure system which keeps all of that snow down to the south. so new england you stay dry. but brings in a big watch. teens for places like bangor, maine. it's going to feel like 10 to 25 degrees below zero. so that's a chilly one. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. new york city, cold, as well. coming up, after infidelity, can the relationship be saved? our psychologist tells us when to save it and when it's healthier to go our separate ways. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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she stood by her man through scandal after scandal, but this week iz lets edwards finally had enough. she announced her separation from john edwards after he admitted rielle hunter. joining us, clinical psychologist wendy walsh. good morning to you. you say that we are a cull which are that believes in sometimes throwing in the towel a little bit too early. >> the nice thing now that people are in a recession and people can't afford to get divorced. the straight lower than 30 years. so now we're having to figure out really look at our relationships and get through these bumpy times and stick it out. so is the relationship bad, is it savageable is the big question. >> let's talk about the toxicity of some relationships because there are three key factors that you say it is team to move on.
8:38 am
domestic violence being on, drug and alcohol abuse being two and sex and gambling addictions between lee. >> is the partner is not willing to change and the family unit become as tox he can environment to raise children in or for the spouse, but if there is somebody who wants to work on their problem, i'm all about keeping families together. >> but is that basically what it's about, no matter how toxic is relationship you're in, if there is that possibility of working things out, do you advise people should give it a shot? >> absolutely. especially if there are children involved. relationships make us stronger. they make us healthier. physically healthier, emotionally healthier. relationships are betwegood for. >> let's say there's people at home right now, when do you get to that moment where you've been through therapy, you've done this, you've done this counseling, that -- when do you say enough's enough, that's it? >> it's a very complicated answer nt it's different for everybody's relationship. but if we can remember what brought the couple together,
8:39 am
what were their goals and what feelings of love did they have at the beginning, those thing can help sustain them through the bumpy times. another cool thing is that couples that go through a bumpy period are less likely to divorce five years later. they found that if they pushed through struggles, he in the got such a sense of empowerment and accomplishment that they actually said why are we going quit now. >> how about relationships where you're looking for that little piece that says maybe as bad as it is, maybe it's worth sticking around for. >> i like to say when the rew d rewards outnumber the punishments, then people will always stay. even if the rewards are just a little bit over the edge. so which it s. a dangerous situation that statement happens in domestic violence. because somebody's actually having a wonderful father in the house, great christmass, help to go raise kids, except, oops, therethere's that one time when
8:40 am
he gets too drunk and something bad happens. >> let's talk about tiger woods, john edwards. these are relationships you talk about toxic, it doesn't get much worse. what do you say with the wives involved here? >> let's start with elizabeth. she's got to think about her health more than anything. and if divorcing is going to cause her less stress than having him around and being exposed to this, then i'd say she's got to think about her miss health at the moment. now, as far as tiger woods is concerned, i really applaud ewill i be for ha gee lynn for hanging in there. there are small children involved. >>geelynn for hanging in there. there are small children involved. >> it's bub that there were countless woman. >> and the toxicity is the danger of germs being brought into the family that could be particularly lethal.
8:41 am
so everybody deserve as secos a chance. relationships are about learn to go get through the bumps, learning forgiveness and show love. obviously she's going to put very clear boundaries and consequences on what happens in the future, but i applaud her for trying to tame the tiger. our partner in health coverage >> we'll make a little rans six now. five secrets to change the way you do laundry. cleaner, greener, cheaper, danny is here to help us. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. did you know you should never take the first price when booking a hotel room or rental car? always ask for a did that discounts using things like aaa
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if it seems heek you're doing laundry all the time, you probably are. the average family washes nearly 400 loads of laundry a year. that's more than a load a day. and it also costs a lot. more than $3 billion every year spent on detergent. so this morning some tips to save you not only time but also money, even help the planet out. turning into a just perfect experience. joining us, danny. i'll let do you tyou you du i'll let do you tyou you dyou d. one of the ms important they thinks we can do is have a good energy efficient washinger and drier. >> yeah, check out this one from
8:46 am
whirlpool. what's coming sun cash fup is c appliances. go to, but you can buy an energy star rated washingtoning machine and get a rebate on your taxes. >> i love that. >> you can get a machine that's high efficiency and you have an old machine, it may not be washing your clothes well enough and it's time to get it replaced. >> so there really is a lot to do with the. not just the detergent. >> if you have a terrible machine, it doesn't matter what you put in it. >> let's talk about what we do put in it. how much your is key. >> we're used to like taking this big jug of detergent and fill up the cap. you can't even see where to put it. when you use too much, you're thinking i'm getting the clothes cleanier. you're actually getting them dirtier because it leaves a film behind. so if there's too much deter gent, sme gent, smell the inside. a simple way to clean it, run an empty cycle without any clothes
8:47 am
and put about two cups of white vinegar through it. >> should you do this anyway every so often? >> do i it about four times a year. but just base it like if it smells funny, use the vinegar trip. sgr and also follow the directions on the actual a. but it always seems like so little. >> you can't tell the amount. and most people think their clothes are dirtier than they it actually are. but there's something new right now, instead of chucking the jug is what we call it, this new method, this is a typical dose right here. this has smart clean technology and a new precise measuring and that's all you need. >> three pumps? >> lee pumps directly into the machine. no mess. it's got the molecular funny smart techlogy. an a maezing product. >> and i like the no drips. another big thing, separating your laundry. we have a separating hamper here. this is such an easy tip and
8:48 am
that would mean no more pink socks. drying time, huge energy waster. >> simple tip. if you've got a lot of wet clothes, you can throw in a dry towel or tennis balls. >> i thought they just fluff things up? >> sprinkle it with fan trick softener, throw in the ball and it saves time and money. >> great tips. we'll have to get those on our website, of course. show. you'll get more of that there. always good to have you with us. still ahead, our second cup cafe, we're getting in you the mood for tomorrow's grammy awards with jim brick man, a former jingle writer, he is now the best selling solo pea an they artist of all-time and, yes, he does have a gram any now and this is the early show on cbs. ( music, toasters popping ) ♪
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8:52 am
welcome back. this week we're gearing up for the grammy awards with the help of jim brickman. since 1994, his debut, his romantic piano sound has made him the best selling solo piano artist of our time. >> not a shabby feat. now he's up for a grammy tomorrow night with his new age album "faith." please welcome now gem brickman to perform "never alone oig oig. ♪ ♪ may the angels pegt you,
8:53 am
trouble neglect you ♪ ♪ and heaven accept you when it's time to go home ♪ ♪ may you always have plenty, the glass never empty, know in your welly you're never alone ♪ ♪ never alone ♪ never alone ♪ i'll be in every beat of your heart when you face the unknown ♪ ♪ wherever you fly this isn't good-bye, my love follow you, stay with you, baby, you're never alone ♪ ♪ well, i have to be honest, as
8:54 am
much as i wanted ♪ ♪ i'm not gonna promise that cold winds won't blow, so when hard times have found you ♪ ♪ and your fears surround you, wrap my love around you ♪ ♪ you're never alone ♪ never alone, never alone, i'll be in every beat of your heart ♪ ♪ when you face the unknown, wherever you fly ♪ ♪ this isn't good bye, my love will follow you, stay with you ♪ ♪ baby, you're never alone
8:55 am
♪ may the angels protect you, trouble neglect you, heaven accept you when it's time to go home ♪ ♪ so when hard times have found you, and your fears surround you ♪ ♪ wrap my love around you, you're never alone ♪ ♪ never alone, never alone, i'll be in every beat of your heart ♪ ♪ when you face the unknown, wherever you fly ♪ ♪ this isn't good-bye, my love will follow you, stay with you ♪ ♪ baby, you're never alone
8:56 am
♪ my love will follow you, stay with you, baby you're never alone ♪ >> beautiful. absolutely beautiful. >> thank you. >> so great to have you both with us. and congratulations. big night coming up tomorrow night. one of my favorite fun facts is the nakts that you started out writing commercial jingles. how did you make that jump? >> yeah, i used to do kitty litter songs, toilet bowl cleaner. >> the kitty litter is what did it. >> for more, visit our website. and don't forget the grammys
8:57 am
tomorrow night right here on cbs at 8:00, 7:00 central. we'll be right back. ♪
8:58 am
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monster storm blasts across the south and heads east. tens of thousands without power. highways closed. flights canceled. storm warnings in 14 states. we'll have the very latest. a trial without a home. new york city is out, so where on earth cao prosecute the world's most wanted man? a new search is under way for somewhere to try the 9/11 self proclaimed mastermind. olympic figure skater nancy kerrigan's brother charged with assault in the death of their father claims it was an excellent. police may think otherwise. and food that puts you in the mood. all that ahead as we welcome you to "the early show" saturday, january 30th, 2010.
9:01 am
fr frg if it is a balmy 4 degrees here on the plaza. is that what it is, 4? i thought it felt more like 6. >> great effort being out here this morning. >> if i had medal, i would give everyone here one. it's going to be worth it because lots of good stuff coming up. including ways to help you stop your dog from barking so much. we love our pets. sometimes we don't love the way they never shut up. it's true. >> do you hear that dog right now? i do. it's not mine. >> and also segment coming up.
9:02 am
if there's any kids, cover your ears. foods that help the libido out. trust me, it will all come together. what foods are healthy and what foods help you sexually. >> before that, a check of the morning's headlines. randall pinkston is at the news desk. a dangerous winter storm is it barrelling in to america's southeast. cbs news correspondent joel brown is braving the elements in wret richmond, virginia with the latest. >> reporter: the snow and the ice has been piling up here in richmond all morning long. and what is expected to be an all-day event. this is the same storm that hammered the southern plains yesterday. as we look at some of these pictures, we can tell that you states of emergency were declared in arkansas, in parts of virginia, and, of course,
9:03 am
temperatures are well below freezing, so it's the ice here which is a major factor. icy roads, falling tree limbs, and downed power lines a major factor. in oklahoma, in texas, the storm left behind quite the mess. 13 inches of snow fell in the texas panhandle and over 170,000 homes are without power in oklahoma. back here in richmond, this is an ice and snow covered interstate 95, roads are increasingly treacherous and we can get up to a foot of snow here in the southeast before this is all said and done. back to you. in other news this morning, we're returning now to haiti with fewer than 5,000 donated tents to house over a million people, haitians left homeless by the earthquake disaster are taking matters in to their own hands, rebuilding their own homes on top of their destroyed dwellings. haitian government says it will take another month to get 200 thousands tents distributed. >> maude and myrtle. two endangered sea turtles were
9:04 am
safely transported to sea world in san diego thanks to a special mission by the u.s. coast guard. the crew combined hair good deed with a training flight. the turtles will recover at sea world until they're toward return wild. it's about four minutes after the hour. time to go outside for a weather check with lonnie. it is beyond chilly out here. it is just down right cold. but it didn't stop my people from being out here. you got love that. and look, apparently we love "the early show" and for you with the big heart, it's your birthday, right? what's your name? >> cara. >> how old are you? >> 13. >> let's say happy birthday to cara. look at this personal tribute. let's talk about the weather because here's what he we see out there. you just heard from joel brown how heavy the snow is falling in portions of the mid-atlantic and southeast. well, north of that, it is just
9:05 am
down right cold for a good chunk of the country. the northern plains, all throughout new england, not getting out of the teens today. beautiful weather i will say down around miami. temperatures up around 80 degrees and you you are south of the big precipitation. new york city's favorite wine, i want to go miami. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. we got the spirit and this is one of my favorite parts befo. it's will not any's shout out. eight days and counting super
9:06 am
bowl xliv. we want to thank all of our viewers in south florida for much wag the saturday "early show" on cbs 4. chris, in to you. new york city is out as a venue to try came cleame lead shake mow ham mekhalid shaikh mohammed. >> reporter: demands justice, attorney general eric holder once declared that cakhalid shah mohammed will be tried in new york city. but criticism has the obama administration looking for a more remote and less expensive venue. new york officials say it would cost more than $200 million a year to secure a half square mile zone around the federal courthouse in lower manhattan. up to 3,000 barriers would restrict traffic. sniper teams will be positioned on rooftops.
9:07 am
heavily armed police in the treat. >> turn that entire area basically into an occupation zone. >> that's the federal courthouse -- >> reporter: public opposition is also growing. tim brown says trying the terrorists near ground zero would simply give them a stage for propaganda. >> to preach their jihad to their brethren. it's a great recruiting poster. >> reporter: the obama administration has argued there is great symbolic value in returning trilss to the scene of the crime, but that may not be worth the political or economic cost. bob orr, cbs news, washington. joining us from washington to discuss the controversy is juan czzarate. good morning to you. did anyone foresee the logistical nightmare they would have? >> i think they should have, but one of the criticisms that's now being leveled is the fact that the attorney general did not
9:08 am
consult with new york officials before making the decision. and i think in light of the security, the costs that have been briefed to not only the private sector but to city officials including mayor bloomberg, i think the realization is that the costs and disruptions would just be too great in lower manhattan. and it's just not worth it. >> at first mayor bloomberg, ray kelly said they could handle it until they found out that this trial could go from three to potentially five years at a cost of upwards of a billion dollars. how does the administration not contact new york city officials with something like this? >> well, i'm not quite sure. and i think the administration will have to answer for that because this was obviously a major decision, major decision in terms of where moving legally to handle the most serious of our al qaeda detainees. so the collection of these five defendants is the most dangerous collection of folks we have. and so now we're going to have a problem of not my backyard. people are not going to want to
9:09 am
have this trial because of the very same issue, security and cost. so the administration right now is scrambling to see where they put this. >> if new york city is out, now where do you have this trial some. >> the first instance you look for other federal courthouses. you're going to have to have a place that can handle this. it will be a multiyear affair. but the problem is cost and disruption. so a place like alexandria, virginia may not be acceptable. chicago may not be acceptable. so now they're looking at potentially military bases which they would have the security envelope but they would have a federal criminal trial in the base. that may cost money, though, as well to create the trial, the infrastructure to be able to do that. >> was there any real advantage to having it in new york aside from the symbolism? >> there was the symbolism and clearly the administration wanted to demonstrate a break from the past practices by using the federal criminal system to hold these terrorists accountable. i think, frankly, that the decision has been somewhat
9:10 am
muddled because they're not only relying on the criminal system, but they're still relying on the military commissions and as we know, they're also going to hold individuals preventively without trial. and so the mixed messages on why these decisions were made and what the criteria is, i think is adding to the confusion and to the momentum against the wisdom of it. >> any chance that this trial takes place at gitmo? >> you're starting to see both on the hill and among the 9/11 victim families and others talk about using tguantanamo facilities down there. obviously it's secure. it can be done safely. and so i think that may be an option. i don't think the obama administration will like that or will want to use that, but it may have to be put on the table. >> it would be an interesting twist, that is for sure. juan zarate, thanks so much for taking the time this morning. just ahead, the tragic death of a devoted father. will olympic silver medalist
9:11 am
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9:14 am
the father of nancy kerrigan was remembered at his funeral this week as a devoted family man who gave his all to his children. now one of those children could be charged in his murder. kelly wallace has the latest. >> reporter: tragic chapter for a champion as olympic figure skater nancy kerry gap saar rer
9:15 am
farewell to her father. >> it will be one day at a time. >> reporter: one member of the family noticeably absent from the funeral, nancy's brother, 45-year-old mark kerrigan, who is currently undergoing a psychological evaluation at near by hospital after being charged with assault. according to police, kerrigan allegedly grabbed his 70-year-old father by the throat during an argument. the elder kerrigan collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack. before his death, kerrigan was probably beth known for carrying his daughter after an attacker clubbed her knee duri practice at the 1994 u.s. championships. >> whack me with this long black like stick. >> reporter: despite the bizarre attack connected to her rival, t tanya harding, kerrigan won a silver topping her bronze in '92. as for her brother, his ex-wife
9:16 am
revealed he was jealous of nancy's success. he had been arrested more than one for domestic violence. kelly wallace, cbs news, new york. >> joining us how for a closer look at the case, wendy murphy and dr. wecht. wendy, as we mentioned, mark kerrigan is facing assault charge, but you leave those could be upgreated to manslaughter. why? >> well, there's a very real risk they could be upgraded. we need to seat autopsy first, but there's no question that mark kerrigan strangled his father.autopsy first, but there's no question that mark kerrigan strangled his father. which was followed by a heart attack and hen death. so prosecutors can connect the dots in terms of show has gone there was a legal connection between the strapg ngulation, ss
9:17 am
and then death. if you can make the case, that's manslaughter, but they have to know that he knew or should have known what he was doing might cause substantial harm or death. an given his history of violence, his awareness of his father's heart can be, i think that's a pretty good case. >> in terms of that evidence, dr. wecht, when that autopsy comes out, is it going to be clear, you can learn from an autopsy that, in fact, this alleged strangulation actually led to shaome sort of a heart attack? >> the most likely answer from a purely forensic pathological standpoint is no. i agree with wendy's reasoning and analysis and i've been involved in cases like that and have one now pending on a very similar scenario. if you compress someone's neck, you can have a the two major
9:18 am
arteries feeding oxygen up to the brain and if you can press one or both even for a few second, you can have then a situation in which that d diminution of oxygen. and you have to show that the efbl events moved forward in that fashion.autopsy itself may not show anything and then the question is since the cardiac arrhythmia can't be shown, what agree of heart disease did he have, how long was compression on the neck, was it inadvertent. >> obviously those medical points are important. wendy, the defense is obviously going use that if in fact there
9:19 am
is a manslaughter charge in their favor. and if the man did have a pre-existing heart condition, couldn't that in fact be the cause of death? >> indeed it cuts both ways. they'll say he knew about it, mark kerrigan knew and thus shouldn't have put any pressure on this guy's neck because he knew or should have known that that might aggravate his condition and potentially cause serious injury or death. here's what's important to though. it doesn't have to be the only cause. the strangulation, the fight doesn't have to be the only cause for mark to be convicted, just a cause. but you can beth his defense team will find an expert to say this guy would have had a heart attack anyway that's reasonable doubt. >> a lot of people will be watching very closely and the case as well. wendy, dr. wecht, appreciate your insight this morning. we'll lighten the mood a little bit here. does this orange turn you on? sorry. just ahead, foods that put you in the mood. essential edibles guaranteed to
9:20 am
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9:21 am
with liver, gallbladder, or severe kidney disease, or nursing women. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. blood tests are needed before and during treatment to check for liver problems. contact your doctor if you delop unexplained muscle pain or weakness, as this can be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. this risk may be increased when trilipix is used with a statin. if you cannot afford your medication, call 1-866-4-trilipix for more information. trilipix. there's more to cholesterol. get the picture.
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9:23 am
welcome back. she said pork is better than viagra. perhaps good sex makes good poll tick, but for the real 411 on the foods that will put you in the mood, we're joined by francis large man roth. good to have you with us.eis la. good to have you with us.s larg. good to have you with the frances large man roth. good to have you with us. we're trying to put some fun pack in foods. so we'll play a little game. with each food you're tell me why is it healthy and then why
9:24 am
does it had heelp sexually. let's start with the avocado. >> good in a bedroom because if you don't have a healthy heart, that blood won't pump to the right place. and studies show that men with underlying heart disease have twice as much erec tile dysfunction. >> so when you're watching the super bowl next sunday and you see that first cialis ad, go for the guacamole. let's talk about almonds. >> these are rich in a lot of minerals and also vitamins includi includi includi including vit men e which is important for sex drive. >> strawberries, this probably something a little bit sensual, but there's more to it. >> the red color tends to turn men on. great dipped if chocolalock in good source of folic acid.
9:25 am
which is important for swimmers. >> they increase male sperm count? >> healthy sperm. >> figs? >> get them in the summertime when they're fresh and then they're really gorgeous. but even when they're not fresh, they're really rich in fiber and fiber helps control your weight. if you look good, you're going to peel better and a lot more confident in that bedroom. >> and citrus here. >> these are all in season right now, which is so fantastic. very high in vitamin c. again, you need that for sperm development, so it's very important for male sexual health. >> and seafood. the long standing myth has been oysters. is there any truth for that? >> it's absolutely true. they are a top source of zimc,
9:26 am
which is important for testosterone production. >> what about the salmon? i know it has the omega 3s. >> again it gets back to your circulation. if you're not -- if your heart's not healthy and your blood is not pumping, you are going to really see that in the bedroom. >> as far as other foods that we don't have here on the table, are there any other kind of bellwether foods that help or is this basically he's are the top vote getters? >> asparagus is another good one. it's a great source of vitamin e, so it goes back to the testosterone production. and then really whatever puts you in the mood. a glass of champagne, that might do the trick. >> and candles never hurt either. >> that's right. >> thanks very much. good to see you. >> what is going on in here? >> she's barking on cue. we're about to talk about barking dogs. you probably love your put. i love this one already.
9:27 am
but maybe they're a little too chatty. wellwe'll tell you the pfive kinds of barks hey hi
9:28 am
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9:30 am
lack at that crowd. hi there, welcome back to "the early show." we were just lamenting a second ago go how we're really going to miss this next week when we're down in miami for the big show super bowl extravaganza. >> making sure we get the coat on in time, getting outside. >> it's up to 8 now. >> it is balmy. >> another half hour, it will be in double digits. >> this microphone is very cold. we've all heard the expression all bark, no bite. definitely a good thing. there it is again.
9:31 am
what if you can't get your dog to stop barking, though? victoria is here to bring you tips to bring peace. >> and again our "chef on a shoestring," if you like italian, we have one of the best italian chefs in the country plus an encore from jim brickman. let's quiet it down back here. we're doing a tv show. >> somebody has to keep them in line. before we can get to awful that, we do want to get a feebl check of the headlines. randall pinkston standing by at the news desk. president obama says cutting the deficit is just as important as creating jobs to fix the nation's economy. at a meeting with house republicans on friday in baltimore, the gop accused mr. obama of driving up the national debt to more than $1 trillion. if his weekly radio and internet
9:32 am
address this morning, president obama outlined plans to cut the deficit. they you which a three year spending freeze on some domestic programs. green terrorists? now osama bin laden is blaming the u.s. and other industrialized nations for global warming. in a new video message bring, bin laden said the only way to prevent climate change is to boycott u.s. goods and stop using the u.s. dollar. the tape has not been verified by intelligence agencies yet. last night was the first full moon of 2010 and the biggest and brightest full moochb t moon the entire year. it's also called the wolf moon. the wolf moon is 30% brighter and about 14% wider than other full moons. the enhanced image you see was superimposed on a separate image of the sky. that's a look at the headlines. now let's go to lon any wim lon final check of the weather. no moon visible today.
9:33 am
>> because it's daytime and the sun's up. goi to the talk about something that's being billed as the biggest fraternity and a errority stepping contest ever in the history of man and regional finals are right here in n york city abothis very weekend. it has become one of the biggest competitions with prize money totaling $1.5 million in scholarships. the stepoff is becoming a series mtv 2 and one of the organizers is joining me right now. you're a former stepper yourself. why is it that this -- it's a sport, right some. >> it is. >> why is it that it's become so huge? >> it promotes physical activity and it's a huge creative expression tupts. what we've done is partnered with the boys and girls club to aed both an educational and community service component. >> and where is this group from? >> they're from rutgers. >> they're might being movies about this. l let's get right to it.
9:34 am
the finals will be on fweb 27th. let's talk about the weather out there. here's what we're looking at, guys. i'm getting out of here. there's a lot of cold air out there combined with some big time snow. the snow is in the i mid-atlantic, portions of the southeast. the cold is north of that.
9:35 am
and then look around the pacific northwest, another storm comes on shore around california, but this time it looks like northern and central california dealing with the wet weather. stays out of southern california. that's quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weenkd. inside now to erica. i love watching that. they get have a points for doing it in that cold out there. you may love your dog, but you may not love how chatty he or she can be at times. so can you it you wiactually str pooch from barking so much in the good answer is yes and we have the cure right here. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
9:36 am
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(child laughing) where is it? where is the bacon? tv anchor: bacon popular, story at 11. yummy. crunchy. bacon. bacon. there, in that bag! mom: who wants a beggin' strip? me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum, yum, yum... it's beggin'! hm...i love you! i love bacon! beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time! toss 'em, fling 'em, zing 'em. have fun, with beggin' canadian cuts. dogs may be man's best friend, but when they can't stop barking, they sometimes feel like an enemy, howling at door
9:39 am
bells, the delivery guy, it can make for a very frazzled dog participants. so how do you keep the peace and get your pooch to bring it down a notch or two? victoria stillwell from animal plan et here this morning with answers for us. great to have you with us. sort of obvious question. why do dogs bark? >> it's an slenks part of communication obviously they're bark because they hear another dog bark and they'll communicate with that, but sometimes it can get a real problem. >> it can. and a lot of barking can have t come with the breed. hounds, smaller dogs you mentioned, tend to be more vocal. >> the dash hounds especially.
9:40 am
>> so these are things to keep in mind before you adopt a dog, but you've broken it down into five different categories of bark. the first is the attention seeking bark. >> it's the demanding dark. i want something from you. and i always say to people don't give into it. ignore that bark completely. turn your back until it's quiet. wait for five seconds of quiet and then turn around and get attention. your dog sees that i get nothing when i bark but everything when i quiet. >> the boredom bark, too. how is this different? >> unfortunately, a lot of our dogs live in sensory deprived environment. so they self stimulate which means they bark a lot. and that gets them through the day and help it becomes habitual
9:41 am
and very difficult to stop. >> how do you stop it if you're not home? >> get a walker or take them to doggy daycare. but get them plenty of exercise. >> and at alarm bark. >> they warn us. three barks and you're done. warn me and then i'll take over. >> there can be aggressive bark, though, that you don't want. it can scare both you and some other people around you. >> that's a dg that's obviously very up comfortable with the situation. new person come this to the hope or doesn't like a dog that they see out on the street and it's a process of desensitization. showing the dog the person is okay, the dog walking past you is okay. that's a long process, but it does work. >> so just a matter of trying to get this to understand that it's not a problem. >> keep them calm. >> let that person perhaps hold
9:42 am
the hand out, get a sniff and then maybe pet the dog to let them noep know. finally the excitable dog. how do you deal with that? >> if you go to a soccer match or a football match, we jump around, we may go a lot of noise when we're excited. same with dogs. so in a way, allow your dog to do that. but there are things that you can do. if it needs to go on a walk, don't take it dog on a walk its up eye qui it's quiet. when we tell a barking dog to shut up, it looks like we're joining in. >> so it sounds like the answer is in some ways kind of ignoring it until they quiet down. >> yes. >> that requires a lot of patience. >> it does. but it does work. ignoring our redirection. >> just like dealing with
9:43 am
children. and this little guy is available for adoption. is he he is a rescue dog. >> if yyou go to straight from the and you can find mikey. >> and more tips as well on our website. thanks for being here. i'm glad mikey is up and around. i thought it was a stuffed animal. still ahead, our chef "chef on shoestring" is cooking up italian cuisine. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. did you know you don't have to spend afore clun to get a steak continue sner consider cow pooling. you and your friends buy a side of beef directly from the faerm. go to local to get more information. i'm consumer correspondent susan koeppen for the big show and that's today's hey, did you know. and when it comes to the playoffs, we get together every year to watch it. with walmart's prices,
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imagine you're a young sous chef left to run a restaurant while the head chefs have gone off to france. under his guiding hand, they won their highest rating. and now dante is challenged today to prepare a three course meal for under $40. great to see you. so before we start things off, give me a brief overview. >> these are all dishes we do in boston. and we have a roasted chicken, sounds ordinary, but for some people people are going crazy over there with broccoli rabe
9:48 am
and fritelle made ar with ricot. everyone loves grilled bread. rub a little bit of garlic. be gentle. and take these peppers that we stewed down with olive oil and salt and sugar. >> and this is red peppers? >> red pepperses. you can use other peppers, as well. and you finish it with a little bit of vinegar. that's where you get the sweet and sour thing going on here. and it's really that simple. it's like p rancandy. people are going crazy over it. >> with the chicken, looks very healthy, which is nice. but what makes this different? >> really it's -- i'm sure everyone make chicken this way at home.
9:49 am
but it's little techniques. in a bowl i'm going to put the rosema rosemary. squeeze that for me right in there. one whole lemon. and then what i did was after this was squeezed, i chopped that up lemon really, really fine. and then i have thinly sliced onions right in there and olive oil. the seasoning part is very important. i have salt and pepper, fresh ground black pepper right in there. just going to mix this up. now, this is really important. the chicken, a lot of people take this for granted. just because we put salt there, season it really well. inside, in the cavity, all around it. don't be bashful. >> is that your real key, the
9:50 am
salt? >> salt is very important. >> that's a lot of salt. >> it looks like a lot, but it's a big chicken. >> sodium count going through the roof. >> a lot of it cooks off, as well. now just pour this right on top, right in there. you can sit some on the bottom. make sure a lot goes right into the cavity there. >> and how long are we going actually -- is there a time period before you put this in the oven you want to prepare it, does it have to sit as bit before you cook it? >> you can let it sit for up to three days. the longer the cook ? >> you can let it sit for up to three days. the longer the better.before yo? >> you can let it sit for up to three days. the longer the better.>> you ca three days. the longer the better.before yo? >> you can let it sit for up to three days. the longer the better. >> and by the magic of television -- how long was it cooking for is this. >> this was in there for about 40 minutes. two different steps to that. so right in here we have the
9:51 am
dessert. i'm going to put in some soft butter, i have vanilla, sugar, salt, a little milk, two eggs. >> your royal tasters have arrived. we need some forks. >> after mixing it, this is what it looks like. all in one bowl. you get that in the hot oil frying just like that. >> this is what it looks like right there. let's see how you did. $36.68. >> you're going to be number one with that. >> yes, look at this. how low can you go? well done. >> this is delicious. >> dante, thank you so much. and of course for more of the
9:52 am
recipes, head to our webwebsite and we have someone who is at the top of the how low can you you go list. congratulations. do not go away, we'll be right back with an encore from jim brickman. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: had this "chef on a shoestring" segment sponsored by lance sandwich crackers. land, love the little things. ♪ [ female announcer ] we all love.
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blue 42 sglmpgts. >> the. >> the excitement is building. super bowl coverage live from miami beach. we'll be there thursday, friday and of course the big show, thathat would be this show, live on saturday. >> we're giving 2000 more houtw of bonus coverage. now, de kickoff 6:25 eastern ti.
9:56 am
8 degrees out here. about 80 down there. >> that's what i like. >> so looking forward to the big show next week. have a wonderful weekend. >> more music now from jim brickman. ♪ ♪ time won't weight, love goes by, because every day is a brand new sky ♪ ♪ and every tear comes to dryae by, because every day is a brand new sky ♪ ♪ and every tear comes to dryies by, because every day is a brand new sky ♪ ♪ and every tear comes to dryt,, because every day is a brand new sky ♪ ♪ and every tear comes to dry and all that really matters in this crazy world ♪ ♪ is you and i together baby
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